Freedom Debt Relief Offers Tips on How to Save on International Plane Tickets

What’s on your wishlist this year? If you’ve caught a case of the wanderlust and you’re dreaming of traveling abroad, Freedom Debt Relief is here to make your wish come true! Many travelers believe that they simply do not have enough money to travel abroad- this is usually not the case, as the world becomes more interconnected every day. While international plane tickets are often the most expensive part of a trip abroad, there are plenty of ways to save- so you have more money to spend on souvenirs! Here are three of the best tips that Freedom Debt Relief as sourced from travel experts around the world- don’t forget to keep them saved for the next time you’re dreaming of a vacation off your home soil!

Sign up for alerts. There are a number of websites devoted to finding you the best price between your home airport and your international destination. Freedom Debt Relief recommends signing up for travel alerts for websites like, Google Travel, and Expedia for both your preferred airport and surrounding airports that are easy and inexpensive for your to travel to. These sites will watch the prices of airline tickets (which are changing constantly) and automatically send you an email alert when prices are lower over the dates that you would like to travel. You can even set your home airport without a destination, and the site will email you the lowest fares over a specific set of dates- perfect for finding your new favorite vacation site!

Adjust your dates. All airline tickets are not created equal! There are certain days on which it is much less expensive to fly. Freedom Debt Relief recommends planning far enough in advance with your work or childcare to leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and return home on a Monday- these are the dates which are the most likely to see the lowest fares! If your fares are still unaffordable on adjusted dates, consider leaving from a nearby airport instead of your preferred one; though you may have to pay a little more for transportation, you will often be able to save hundreds.

Travel light and take advantage of budget fares. If you’re not set on flying first class, consider taking a budget airline to your destination. Budget airlines like Spirit, Frontier, and East China Airlines allow you to see the world and save a large amount of money. However, keep in mind that these deep discounts come at the price of comfort- your seat will be smaller and less comfortable than other competitors, most do not offer in-flight beverage or meal service except on very long flights, and you will often have to pay to bring a full-sized carry-on bag with you. Save money and frustration by packing light and bringing a single carry-on (make sure to register it ahead of time!), packing plenty of snacks for your trip, and bringing along a pillow or sit-upon to make your trip a little more comfortable at a fraction of the price of flying with a larger airline!

Freedom Debt Relief wants you to get out there and experience the world! Though international travel can be expensive, the key to getting out there is planning ahead- take the time to research a number of fare options, be flexible with your dates and destination, and leave yourself with enough time to adjust your dates if you realize that a more affordable set have been put up for sale. Make this year your best ever by marking a few favorite dream destinations off of your bucket list without breaking the bank!